Segmented Transcription

The Speech Recognition Systems have always been there to fine tune the person`s speech and bring it up to accuracy. As it is a field of Natural Language Processing (NPL), its aim is to convene the human machine interaction. But the base for the Development of Speech Recognition System has always been Speech Segmentation or Speech Transcription. This segmentation identifies the boundaries between the words and phonemes in the spoken language, the term applies to NPL as much as it is concerned with the human brain.

We have been here with years of our experience of precision of Speech in more than 20 different languages, serving with thousands of audio hours of Segmented Transcriptions, providing our customers with over 94% of accuracy.

A highly trained team comprising of advisors of professional communication and engineers of Computational Linguistics have been gathered by our company to provide the most efficient and effective results.

We are here to help you in providing the best experience to your clients in Customer Interaction and saving incalculable outcomes.

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